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Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

I read this book because all the leaders I follow and whose content I read all recommended this book so I figured I’d give it a shot. Unbeknownst, this would be one of my favorite financial area books that I wouldn’t even consider as financial. The stories told in the book and the drive illustrated by Robert of him in his younger years breaking the traditional career path was thought provoking and led me to start provoking my own thoughts to what I wanted my career to be and also where I wanted to be financially.

Family Inc. by Douglas P. McCormick

I recommend this book highly for anyone that wants to get their finances in order whether you’re single, seriously dating, married, have kids, don’t have kids, young, old – it doesn’t matter. Everyone needs to take charge of their finances and understand base level revenue (income) and expenses. Doug puts it very plainly – every family needs a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Someone to manage the family’s money to make the best use of it for the long game, not just what’s happening right now but looking towards retirement, children’s college fund, unexpected events, and all sorts of different scenarios that can play out. After reading this book, I made the commitment to myself and fiancé that I would get out of credit card debt and created a plan to pay off my car and student loans within 6 years.

The Roll Model by Jill Miller

Jill’s knowledge has saved my life more than a few times. After seriously injuring my right infraspinatus (think deep muscles below shoulder blade) and C5 and C6 spinal discs, I stumbled upon Jill and her yoga balls. My injury was so bad that I had a constant significant numbness from my shoulder to my thumb on both sides. After watching and reading her material, I worked day and night to fix myself because I am not a person to go to the doctor until there is nothing else I can do. After about 2 weeks, the numbness dissipated and I was back to full range of motion plus some more in my shoulder, arms, back, legs, everywhere. I have a daily practice using one of Jill’s yoga balls either for rolling out my shoulders/upper back, back of my knees, or releasing my diaphragm to better my breathing pattern. I also use it nightly to turn on my parasympathetic nervous system and getting the best sleep of my life.

The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker by Brad Lomenick

This is my current favorite right now. This is the one book that made me realize what my calling is both career wise and personally. The eight essential traits that Brad greatly illustrates through personal examples of his own career and companies are just that – the essentials to any leader. I reflected after reading how I portray these principles in my own life and work. This book made me work to reflect every morning, night, and in the moment of how I am living out these principles either well or poorly. And when I do them poorly, I have the discipline to learn from it and not let it happen again.

15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman & Kaley Warner Klemp

A phenomenal book to assist you in developing self-awareness and how you come off in the world.  15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership does a great job of keeping the lessons and materials at a level that anyone can comprehend.  Incorporate the Four Ways of Being in the World and Above and Below the line, the authors assist you in seeing the world and your experiences in a different light leading to greater fulfilment.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry

Another book that aims to develop your self-awareness.  My takeaway from this book was that by increasing your ability to understand your emotions and your thoughts you will not only better understand yourself you will increase your capacity to understand and relate to others.

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is one of my favorite individuals in the leadership industry and his latest book, Leaders Eat Last does not disappoint.  Simon spent time with the military and couldn’t help but notice that the officers with the highest rank, ate last.  Through research and person experience Simon dives into the idea that leaders exist to take care of their people not the other way around.  This is a remarkable book that incorporates the dynamics of cultures and what separates the good from the bad.  A must read for any leader in my opinion.

The Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard

We were assigned this book to read in my work department and I am forever grateful for that opportunity.  The Servant Leader was a pleasant change up from the typical leadership books I have become accustomed to reading.  It is a very easy read that brings to light an individuals and leader’s responsibility to serve their people.  There are very much real life examples that I believe anyone can pull from in this book.  You will walk away from this book knowing that leadership is a calling that bears important responsibility.

The Mindset Manuel by Cory Gregory

A great read that cuts right to the core of mindset, mentality, and the disciplines that create both.  Cory Gregory is a lifelong mentor of mine that I have followed for fitness, health, and leadership guidance.  I had the opportunity to meet Cory at the Arnold Classic in 2016 and workout at the Midwest Mecca, Old School Gym. If you’re looking for a book to kick start a change in your life I highly recommend the Mindset Manuel.

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Similarly, to The Servant Leader, this is a great change up book that allows you to activate your mind in a different manner.  I enjoyed this book because I believe we all have somebody like Morrie in our life.  The lessons displayed throughout can transfer into all aspects of our life and relationships.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by John Maxwell

A must read for all individuals.  John Maxwell is an industry icon when it comes to leadership principles and this is one of his best books.  Every individual can take and apply all 7 habits into their lives immediately and reap the benefits.  Even to this day I apply several of the habits throughout the week and use them as a constant reminder to stay on track.

Toughness by Jay Bilas

Jay Bilas does a phenomenal job on applying the principles of toughness that he has learned and developed in his life from the basketball court to the business world.  This book will open your eyes to how all levels of toughness can be applied to your life to become the best version of yourself.

Above the Line by Urban Meyer

Admittedly a lifelong Ohio State fan I would be lying if I said that did not play a part in me buying this book.  However, I read this book following The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership and it expounds on the theory Above and Below the line and how the Ohio State football team incorporated this belief to win the 2014 National Championship.  This book also incorporates E+R=O from the leadership company, Focus 3 Culture, which in itself can immediately be used in your life.

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