I know that it is mid-February and you may be asking yourself shouldn’t a blog about making this the best year of your life been posted in January?  I am here to tell you that no- it doesn’t matter that it is mid-February because to be quite honest, TODAY is the most important day of your life and this year will be dramatically affected by the decisions you make TODAY.  It doesn’t matter what happened to you yesterday, last year, or even in your life, that all changes today.  Today you have the amazing opportunity to turn it all around and create the life you imagined.  The most amazing part of all of this?  YOU control the opportunity to make this happen.  There is nothing I will say here that will be life changing or too difficult for you to accomplish.  I merely am opening your mind to the world’s greatest truth- we are in charge of anything and everything that happens to us.  We create the life we live and it is on us as individuals to make that life the one we have imagined.

Today you have the amazing opportunity to take full inventory of your thoughts, views, and beliefs and determine if they are either helping you or hurting you in your transformational journey to becoming elite.  Every decision and act we perform throughout the day is guiding us towards or away from elite status.  Too often we believe that only the large, important decisions and actions affect our ability to improve and grow as individuals, downplaying the effect of all other actions and beliefs along the way.  It is the accumulation of all of our actions and beliefs that propel us towards our destiny.  Take today, analyze your actions and beliefs and determine their compounding effect on your life.  Until we truly see our thoughts and actions for what they are we cannot create the mindset and culture needed to grow.

Many people are skeptical, thinking that they do not control their lives, or they are at the effect of others and their circumstances.  The funny thing is, these people are also the first to downplay the effect of positive thinking, the first to give you the reason why it WON’T work, or fire back with negative comments.  They are guided by excuses rather than solutions.  That’s fine.  You can also make the decision today to eliminate all negative people and excuses from your life.  You see, what I’m really saying is today, right now, you have the opportunity to determine the life you want to live and the people you want apart of it.  What seems difficult is actually easy.  By incorporating some of the following principles into your life beginning today you will take control of your life and ultimately make this the best year of your life.

The decisions you can make right this instance are the decisions that will allow you to take full accountability for your life and move towards becoming elite.  Right now you determine three things that separate those whom are accountable from those whom aren’t: your effort, your attitude, and your mindset.  In addition, you determine your daily disciplines, habits, and who you surround yourself with; all playing an integral part in the three aforementioned traits.

So what’s it going to be? Will you make today one of the most important days of your life and shift towards complete accountability of your life?  Or will you succumb to the easy way out guided by excuses and the absence of freedom?  The choice is yours, choose wisely.