Time to Read: 3-5 minutes

I am going to go out on a limb and assume that every single one of us has been so encapsulated in the moment whether it be at the gym, work, or even reading a book that we found ourselves so “in the zone” that we chose to blow through the stop sign and continue while in our groove, accomplishing more than we originally had set out to accomplish.  If you have ever experienced this phenomenon, then you have “ridden the wave”.

This idea originated in the gym during one of our training programs.  Nathan and I were maxing out on squats and I had blown through my previous one rep max, but something was different today, I had that “it” feeling.  As we celebrated the new PR there was an awkward moment were he could tell I was contemplating attempting another lift at a higher weight.  I turned to Nathan and said “Ride the Wave, throw on another 25”.  The result? Another PR and “Ride the Wave” was born.

What started as a cool saying in the gym that allowed us to push ourselves further on the days that we were feeling “it” led to becoming a slogan which I use constantly throughout the day.  No longer is it only a saying used for when the going is good, it is now a slogan of mentality, a mindset that pushes us through regardless of how we are feeling or performing.

The next time you find yourself either feeling good and in the zone or struggling to perform, Ride the Wave to overcome, Ride the Wave to push through, Ride the Wave to set new limits on your potential and growth, Ride the Wave to freedom.